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Over Stuffed Specialty Sandwiches
If this does not fill you up, nothing will.

You will get a TOTAL of 3/4 pound meat!
Choose which ones to pile on.

You also get 2 scooped sides!!
This is meal enough for two, but you don't have to share!
$21.99 3/4 lbs
A hot and tasty solution for your hunger, our famed Roosevelt is turkey and pastrami piled for your pleasure. 1/3 pound of meat sure to satisfy!
$9.99 1/3 lbs
Zayde's Feast
Zayde knows what's what. No wimpy sandwiches for Zayde! Only the good stuff. This one is a taste sensation, turkey and salami 1/3 pound of meat
$7.99 1/3 lbs
The Koslow is a flavor samplers' dream. A hot, flaky potato knish next to pieces of steamed salami is always a promising idea! (we call it a sandwich, but it comes with no bread)
$6.89 -1 serving
Bubbe's Nosh
Don't kvetch about your hunger ... Bubbe's Nosh is a flaky eggroll next to hot pieces of turkey. You'll love it, because it's Bubbe's Nosh!
$6.99 -1 serving
Zayde's Feast
Size and Quantity
1/3 lbs $7.99
Choice of Bread
Rye Bread 
Pumpernickel Bread 
Challah Bread - white $1.00
Foccacia Bread $1.00

Schmear of Hummus $1.50
Schmear or Chopped Liver $1.50

Canned Drinks

Do You Want a Side Dish
Cole Slaw $3.00
Egg Roll $3.50
Knish $3.89
Kugel $3.89
Pasta Salad $3.00
Pickle $0.75
Potato Salad $3.00

Total for this item(s): $7.99
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