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Over Stuffed Specialty Sandwiches
If this does not fill you up, nothing will.

You will get a TOTAL of 3/4 pound meat!
Choose which ones to pile on.

You also get 2 scooped sides!!
This is meal enough for two, but you don't have to share!
$21.99 3/4 lbs
A hot and tasty solution for your hunger, our famed Roosevelt is turkey and pastrami piled for your pleasure. 1/3 pound of meat sure to satisfy!
$9.99 1/3 lbs
Zayde's Feast
Zayde knows what's what. No wimpy sandwiches for Zayde! Only the good stuff. This one is a taste sensation, turkey and salami 1/3 pound of meat
$7.99 1/3 lbs
The Koslow is a flavor samplers' dream. A hot, flaky potato knish next to pieces of steamed salami is always a promising idea! (we call it a sandwich, but it comes with no bread)
$6.89 -1 serving
Bubbe's Nosh
Don't kvetch about your hunger ... Bubbe's Nosh is a flaky eggroll next to hot pieces of turkey. You'll love it, because it's Bubbe's Nosh!
$6.99 -1 serving
Size and Quantity
3/4 lbs $21.99
Choose 1st Meat
Corned Beef 
Roast Beef 
Roast Turkey 
Smoked Turkey 
Turkey Pastrami 
Turkey Salami 
Beef Salami 

2nd Meat

3rd Meat

4th Meat

5th Meat

Choice of Bread
Rye Bread 
Pumpernickel Bread 
Foccacia Bread $1.00
Challah Bread - white $1.00

Schmear of Hummus $1.50
Schmear or Chopped Liver $1.50

Choose your 1st Side
Cole Slaw 
Pasta Salad 
Potato Salad 
Whole Sour Pickle 
Half Sour Pickle 
Pickle Tomato 

Choose your 2nd Side

Canned Drinks
Dr Brown Cel-Ray $1.50
Dr Brown Cream Soda $1.50
Dr Brown Root Beer $1.50
Dr.Brown Blackcherry $1.50
Mountain Dew $1.50
Pepsi $1.50
Water - Bottled $1.75

Do You Want Another Side Dish
Cole Slaw $3.50
Egg Roll $3.50
Knish $3.89
Kugal $3.89
Pasta Salad $3.50
Potato Salad $3.50
Pickle $0.75

Total for this item(s): $21.99
* special instructions can be added at checkout.
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