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Maccabee's Kosher Deli

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Order Ahead & Dine-In
Earliest Dine-In Time: Sunday 12/5/2021, 11:15 AM.
Earliest Pickup Time:
Sunday 12/5/2021, 11:20 AM.
We have a full line of Kosher for Passover products from wines to cheeses, snacks meats groceries.
You name it.

3 flavors assorted in the box. Special for Purim!!
3 delicious Potato Latkas, served with Sour Cream & Apple Sauce. Try some for a snack. (also available in our freezer. Take home a box)
We Carry A Full Line
Of Groceries
Large selection of kosher cheeses
and dairy-free groceries
Fresh Bread & Challah
on every Thursday!

About Us

If you have an online coupon code, you will enter it on the last page at checkout. Online coupons are only for Sandwiches, drinks and side dishes. Not for grocerys. Thanks for understanding!

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You can place orders up to 1 Month in advance.

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Pick-Up date: Sunday 12/5/2021