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Choice Of Corned Beef, or Roast Beef, or Pastrami
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Choice of Roast Turkey, or Smoked Turkey, or Turkey Pastrami
Chopped Herring
Lox with Parve (non-dairy) Cream Cheese
White Fish
Tuna Sandwich
Surprise Me
Corned Beef and Beef Salami on rye bread. One pickle is included as a side. Halvah is included as a sweet treat.
My Favorite
Size and Quantity
Choose 1st Meat
Turkey Pastrami 
Roast Turkey 
Smoked Turkey 

Choice of Bread
Rye Bread 
Pumpernickel Bread 
Foccacia Bread $1.00
Challah Bread - white $1.00

Schmear of Hummus $1.50
Schmear or Chopped Liver $1.50

Do You Want a Side Dish
Cole Slaw $3.00
Egg Roll $3.50
Knish $3.89
Kugel $3.89
Pasta Salad $3.00
Potato Salad $3.00
Pickle $0.75

Canned Drinks

Total for this item(s): $7.99
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