Privacy Statement

Our privacy statement is very simple. Lets Order Online, Inc. is a service provider to restaurants making online ordering available to their customers. The features of our service require us to store your data, like your name, email, phone number, your favorites and order history. We will never sell your personal data to anyone, and only the restaurant and the customer support staff at Let's Order Online, Inc has access to it in order to maintain the online ordering service.

Your email will be used to automatically confirm your order with an email or text message to the address you give us. Other than that, we will not send you any information you do not specifically choose and will not share any specific information with 3rd parties, unless you explicitly approve of it.

There are 2 levels of interaction: Monthly statements of your purchases from the restaurant. This may be useful for tracking and tax purposes. Monthly statements may include special coupons and offers from service providers with whom we have a common interest.
Restaurant announcements of specials, new menu items, and discounts.

Phone number
Your phone number may be used by the restaurant to discuss your order, or by LetsOrderLine for purposes of customer support. Other than that, it will not be used for anything. Your phone number will never be given to third parties, and it will never be used to sell you something.

Other data
Your individual purchase details will be kept private, and never be shared with third parties. Only the collective customer buying choices are used aggregately to help restaurants know what is ordered online and when orders are most likely to occur. Statistics on general usage, not individual names and info about customers, is shared. Generally speaking, this information is used to plan staff and equipment needs.