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Cold Drinks
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Root Beer Float
$4.00 Large 16 oz.
Iced Chai
$4.10 Large 16 oz.
$3.60 Regular 12 oz.
Milkshake - Espresso
$5.00 Large 16 oz.
Milkshake - Mocha Java
$4.95 Large 16 oz.
Milkshake - Chocolate
$4.65 Large 16 oz.
Fruit Milkshakes
Mango, Wildberry, Strawberry, Banana,& Peach
$4.65 Large 16 oz.
Fruit Smoothie
Non dairy, sugar sweetened, natural flavor, non GMO. Strawberry, mango, banana, peach or berry. Comes in 16oz size
$4.15 Large 16 oz.
Italian Soda
Flavored with sugar sweetened naturally flavored syrup.
$3.25 Large 16 oz.
Natural Brew
Diet Coke
Root Beer
Iced Chai
Size and Quantity
Large 16 oz. $4.10
Regular 12 oz. $3.60
Choose your chai:
Homemade organic chai 
Oregon chai- green 
Oregon chai- herbal 

Would you like your Oregon Chai to be made with soy milk?
Yes, use soy milk 
No soy milk. 

Total for this item(s): $3.15
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