Wood-fired Pizzas  

We are proud to serve all organic pie dough and tomato sauce made from scratch, as well as Organic mozzarella. Pizzas cook at about 800 degrees in our wood burning oven for between 5 and 8 minutes.

1) RevelationsLocal organic mozzarella, Greek olives, garlic, roasted red peppers and basil pesto (local when available).    $14.00 Nine Inch, $17.00 11", $20.00 13", $17.00 10" Gluten free crust
2) Revs Suprememozzarella, pesto, artichoke, roasted red peppers, kalamata olives, garlic, goat cheese and sun dried tomato    $15.00 Nine Inch, $18.00 11", $21.00 13", $17.00 10" Gluten free crust
3) CalifornianLocal organic mozzarella, local goat cheese, roasted red peppers, walnuts with red pepper olive oil (no tomato sauce) and topped with avocado slices.    $14.00 Nine Inch, $17.00 11", $20.00 13", $16.00 10" Gluten free crust
4) MargheritaLocal organic mozzarella, fresh (local when possible) tomatoes, basil and garlic with our organic tomato sauce.    $13.00 Nine Inch, $16.00 11", $19.00 13", $16.00 10" Gluten free crust
5) GreekLocal organic mozzarella, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, feta cheese with our organic tomato sauce.    $13.00 Nine Inch, $16.00 11", $19.00 13", $16.00 10" Gluten free crust
6) PepperoniOrganic mozzarella with pepperoni and organic tomato sauce.    $13.00 Nine Inch, $16.00 11", $19.00 13", $16.00 10" Gluten free crust
7) Pesto & Goat Cheese PizzaBasil pesto base, mozzarella, sun dried tomato, artichoke and goat cheese    $14.00 Nine Inch, $17.00 11", $20.00 13"
8) Cheese PizzaOrganic local mozzarella cheese with our organic tomato sauce.    $11.00 Nine Inch, $13.00 11", $15.00 13", $13.00 10" Gluten free crust
9) Hawaiian PizzaVegetarian bacon, pineapple and mozzarella    $13.00 Nine Inch, $16.00 11", $19.00 13", $16.00 10" Gluten free crust

Salads and Soups  

Our soups are made from scratch daily with fresh vegetables. We serve our salads made to order with fresh ingredients and homemade dressings. Also try our Soup and Salad combo! A small salad of your choice and the soup of the day or a large salad of your choice and soup of the day.

1) Revelations saladMixed greens, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese and kalamata olives.    $12.50 Large, $9.50 Small

Sandwiches and Combos  

Revelations sandwiches are made fresh to order. You may add a sample salad or a cup of soup for a combination meal.

1) Avocado and Feta SandwichFeta cheese, avocado slices, fresh tomatoes, avocado basil aioli and organic greens on toasted wheat bread.    $9.50
2) Veggie BLT SandwichVegetarian bacon, fresh tomatoes, leaf lettuce, sprouts and avocado aioli on toasted wheat bread.    $9.50
3) CalifornianA grilled sandwich with roasted red peppers, swiss cheese, avocado slices, smoked turkey, chipolte mayonnaise on wheat bread.    $9.50
4) Italian Grilled CheeseFresh basil pesto, sliced tomato, mozzarella, balsamic glaze, and feta cheese on sourdough.    $9.50
5) Wild Alaskan Salmon BurgerWild caught salmon burger, lettuce, tomato and caper aioli on wheat bun.    $12.50
6) Beyond BurgerPlant protein burger(no gluten) Organic sprouts, tomato, mixed greens, and mayo on a wheat bun    $12.50
7) Hummus Wrapwith spring mix, sprouts, roasted red peppers, cucumber, toasted sesame seeds & ginger dressing.    $9.50
8) Chipolte Chicken Salad CroissantChipolte Chicken with lettuce tomato on toasted croissant    $9.50
9) Tuscan Grilled Chicken WrapGrilled chicken, tomato, artichoke heart, basil pesto aioli, mozzarella on flour tortilla wrap    $9.50

Coffee and Hot Drinks  

Revelations uses only organic fair-trade coffee beans. Our beans are locally roasted in small batches to give you the best taste possible. Made with local organic Radiance Dairy milk on request. Available any time during store hours.

1) Organic Espresso$2.68 Single Shot, $3.48 Double Shot
2) AmericanoOrganic espresso & hot water for a fresh cup of coffee!    $3.99 Large 16 oz., $3.29 Regular 12 oz.
3) CappuccinoOrganic espresso, steamed milk, & foam. A short, strong espresso drink.    $4.25 Regular 12 oz.
4) LatteOrganic espresso and steamed milk.    $4.25 Regular 12 oz., $4.75 Large 16 oz.
5) Latte BreveSteamed half & half and organic espresso.    $4.75 Large 16 oz., $4.25 Regular 12 oz.
6) Chennai SteamerVaidya's cup, organic vanilla syrup, and steamed milk.    $5.25 Large 16 oz., $4.75 Regular 12 oz.
7) ChaiA Steamed beverage made with organic whole milk, tea, and a blend of seasonings(ginger, cardamon, cinnamon) Made fresh daily.    $5.25 Large 16 oz., $4.75 Regular 12 oz.
8) Ghirardelli's MochaSteamed milk, espresso, and Ghirardelli's chocolate.    $4.45 Large 16 oz., $3.95 Regular 12 oz.
9) Hot CocoaSteamed milk and Ghirardelli's chocolate.    $3.85 Large 16 oz., $3.25 Regular 12 oz.
10) Specialty CocoaSteamed milk and Ghirardelli's chocolate.    $4.05 Large 16 oz., $3.65 Regular 12 oz.
11) Specialty LatteSteamed milk, espresso, and flavor.    $4.65 Large 16 oz., $4.15 Regular 12 oz.
12) Ghirardelli's White MochaWhite chocolate, espresso, and steamed milk.    $4.75 Regular 12 oz., $5.25 Large 16 oz.
13) Teas$3.25 Regular 12 oz., $3.75 Large 16 oz.

Cold Drinks  

------------Available throughout the day.------------

1) Iced Chai$4.75 Regular 12 oz., $5.25 Large 16 oz.
2) Fruit SmoothieNon dairy, sugar sweetened, natural flavor, non GMO. Strawberry or mango. Comes in 16oz size    $5.25 Large 16 oz.
3) Italian SodaFlavored with sugar sweetened naturally flavored syrup.    $3.45 Large 16 oz.
4) Coke$2.00
5) Diet Coke$2.00
6) Sprite$2.00
7) Ginger Basil LemonadeGinger beer, fresh basil, organic lemonade    $4.50 Large 16 oz.

Pastries and Desserts  

Our desserts are made fresh daily with local, organic butter. We specialize in fruit & nut scones, cookies, brownies, and cake. Come and check our counter when you come in!

1) Lemon Berry Marscapone cake$6.00