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Chow Fan. Fried Dominican rice with Chicken, Beef, Pork, Shrimp and veggies.
$7.00 Lunch Half-Size
$12.00 Meal Full-Size
Pollo Al Caldero
Chicken Casserole.
$7.00 Lunch Half-Size
$12.00 Meal Full-Size
Berengena Guisada
Stewed Eggplant
$7.00 Lunch Half-Size
$10.00 Meal Full-Size
Caribbean Soup
$4.50 Peq. (Sm.)
$8.00 Gr. (Lg.)
Chuletas Al Horno
Baked pork chops.
$7.00 Lunch Half-Size
$12.00 Meal Full-Size
Rabo Guisado
Stewed Oxtail.
$8.00 Lunch Half-Size
$13.00 Meal Full-Size
Chivo Guisado
Goat Stew
$7.00 Lunch Half-Size
$12.00 Meal Full-Size
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