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Tuna Salad
7.5 ounce container
White FIsh Salad
7.5 Oz. Container
String Cheese
18 Sticks in a package
Smoked Nova Salmon
3 Ounce package
Cole Slaw
By the Pound
Serving weight: 1 lb
Potato Salad
Sold by the pound
Pasta Salad
By the Pound
Serving weight: 1 lb
Choice of Marble, Marble Nut By the pound
Chopped Liver
12 ounce container
Sabra Hummus Aba goush
17 ounce
Horse Radish
Red Beet Horse Radish
Salami Chubs
16 oz
NY Kosher Franks
12 oz. 8 Franks in the package
Chopped Herring
Herring in Real Sour Cream
Tuna Salad
Size and Quantity
Total for this item(s): $7.49
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