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Catering Menu
Catering Menu
Boone Option
Any variety of sliced meat, beef brisket, pork, ham, turkey and sloppy jimmy. Price quoted per person
Iowa option
Meat for sandwiches. PLUS traditional sides: BBQ Beans, Coleslaw, Potato Salad or Cheesy Potatoes. Other sides: Green Bean Casserole, Chili, Cottage Cheese, fruit Tray or Tossed Green Salad. Price quoted per person.
Texas Option
Meat for Sandwiches, Side Dishes, Plus Drinks: Lemonade, Iced tea, Soda. Quoted per person.
U.S.A. Option
Meat for sandwiches, side dishes, Drinks, Plus Dessert: Lemon Chess Pie, Sweet potato pie, apple pie, cookies, brownie. Price quoted per person.
Gallon Iced Tea/Lemonade
Gallon Potato Salad
Gallon Coleslaw
Gallon Beans
Side Dishes
1/2 Pan feeds 20-25
Side Dishes
Full Pan Feeds 50-75
Pack of 8 White-Wheat
Pack of 8 Onion-Jalapeno
Slabs of Ribs
Baby Back or Spare Ribs 1-10 Slabs Price quotes per slab Each slab is 12 bones
Slabs of Ribs
Baby Back or Spare Ribs 11-1000 Slabs Price per slab Each slab is 12 bones
Delivery Fee
Within Boone is Free. Outside of Boone is $10.00
Optional Staff
To hire additional staff to help monitor food line and tear down. price quoted for each staff member.
Included Options
Buns- one per person ordered BBQ sauce-Hot/Mild Napkins Plastic Silverware Foam Plates Serving Utensils Cups if needed Use of Chaffing dishes Set up meal
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