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Limoncello Truffle
Lemon Gelato With A Heart Of Limincello, Covered In Meringue Sprinkles.
A Chocolate Coated Pastry Shell Filled With A Mix Of Ricotta, Candied Fruit And Chocolate.
Layers Of Espresso Drenched Sponge Cake Divided By Mascarpone Cream, Dusted With Cocoa Powder.
Exotic Bomba
Mango, Passion Fruit And Raspberry Sorbetto All Covered In White Chocolate And Drizzled With Chocolate.
Chocolate Truffle
Zabaglione Cream Center, Surrounded By Chocolate Gelato And Caramelized Hazelnuts, Topped With Cocoa Powder.
Cappuccino Truffle
Cappuccino Gelato With A Heart Of Espresso, Covered With Coffee Flavored Meringue Sprinkles.
Chocolate Mousse
A Sponge Base Topped With White And Dark Chocolate Mousse, Coated With Chocolate & Topped With White Chocolate Shavings.
New York Cheesecake
Traditional New York Cheesecake With A Hint Of Vanilla.
Coppa Yogurt & Berries
Yogurt Gelato Swirled Together With Mixed Berry Sauce, Topped With Blueberries And Currants.
Coconut Ripieno
Creamy Coconut Sorbetto Served In The Natural Fruit Shell.
Peach Ripieno
Peach Sorbetto Served In The Natural Fruit Shell.
Bomba Tartufo
Classic Vanilla And Chocolate Gelato Separated By A Cherry And Sliced Almonds Covered In Cinnamon, Finished With A Chocolate Coating.
Spumoni Cassata
Traditional Sicilian semifreddo: zabaione with a heart of chocolate gelato and semifreddo with candied fruit
Limoncello Truffle
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