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Try one of Mama's fantastic soups!

Monday: White Chicken Chili
Tuesday:Chicken Pot Pie
Wednesday:Cheeseburger Chowder
Thursday:Tomato-Spinach Brie Bisque
Friday:Mushroom Brie Bisque
Saturday:Cream of Potato with Bacon.
Sunday:Broccoli Cheese

Upgrade to a bread bowl for $2.50 upcharge
Broccoli Cheese
$5.30 Bowl
$3.95 Cup
Cold Fruit Soup
Call for flavor of the day!
Yogurt based soup blended with fruit.
Available April through September
$5.30 Bowl
$3.95 Cup
Mama's Classic Chicken Noodle Soup
Chunks of chicken, veggies and homestyle noodles in a rich chicken broth.
Available November through March.
$5.30 Bowl
$3.95 Cup
Pumpkin Soup
A seasonal favorite.
Available October 1 through October 31
$0.00 ONLY AVAIL OCT 1-31
$5.30 Bowl
$3.95 Cup
Broccoli Cheese
Size and Quantity
Bowl $5.30
Cup $3.95
Bread Bowl?
Bread Bowl $2.50

Total for this item(s): $5.30
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